Pregnancy Crisis Care

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall) opened in 2008 after identifying a need for a local, targeted service that provides specific counselling for those facing any pregnancy-related crises.  Our service is unique in that we can offer a quick response/appointment to often vulnerable clients, and can see couples together.  We offer free, confidential, impartial counselling for: 
• baby loss - stillbirth, miscarriage and new-born death;
• unexpected pregnancy;
• post-abortion counselling for those struggling emotionally after an abortion.
• Support for women struggling in pregnancy.

Our clients come from any and every background.  They might be teenagers or professionals, in abusive relationships or alone, but they all face a crisis that they can’t get through on their own. 

Our service continues to grow year on year.  Total client numbers in 2014 were 131, with many of these clients attending multiple sessions; these equate to over 1600 client contact sessions over the year. 

Virginia House Settlement has generously supported our project annually since 2009, initially offering grant funding for training and equipment.  More recently, VHS has awarded grant funding towards our core costings, which is and has been invaluable to us.  As you will see in our feedback, this service continues to change lives each year in our community and we are so very grateful to the Virginia House Settlement for their contributions over the years in enabling us to do this.  Your support has really made this project thrive, and made a positive difference to so many!  Thank you!

Client feedback – Stillbirth
We very sadly lost our precious twins during pregnancy, our first son at 26 weeks and our second son very suddenly at 34 weeks. It is difficult to find the words to say just how devastating this was and continues to be:  to lose the future we had imagined for ourselves with our twins, to now be parents without our babies to hold; this is so traumatic it can be hard to feel you can keep going. We felt so heartbroken and overwhelmed in the early days it was hard to get through each day. People say that 'time is a great healer' and aspects of this are true, but you can't get through an experience like this on your own.

We are very fortunate to have had a huge amount of support around us - our families and close friends, the staff at the hospital who were amazing, a baby loss support group with other parents, and Pregnancy Crisis Care. We have been having counselling at PCC for almost 11 months - this counselling has been such a huge support and has helped us to come to terms with our grief and find hope in the future. It's a safe place to work through the really hard times, to feel normal and listened to, to be able to talk about our precious boys and celebrate them. Without this it would've been so much harder for us to find the strength to look towards the future. It truly is a lifeline.

Clients tell their stories about how they coped with the help of the Centre. Please follow link to find out more.